An infinity swimming pool is a luxurious addition to your Brisbane home. Many people in Brisbane are discovering that installing an infinity swimming pool at their home is the best option to maximize the city view. With the rolling hills around Brisbane, many want to impress their friends and relatives with the spectacular vista an infinity swimming pool provides.

What Is An Infinity Swimming Pool?

Infinity pools are also called vanishing edge, zero edge or disappearing edge pools. Through reflection they create an optical illusion of the skies and surrounds that extend out to the horizon. With the beautiful skies and balmy weather Brisbane is blessed with infinity swimming pools reflect the stunning setting into an endless vista. Infinity pools are best situated on properties with expansive views, as the infinity pool adds an exotic outlook to your home and will maximise any views that you may already enjoy.

How Does An Infinity Swimming Pool Work?


How an infinity pool works.

The optical illusion of an infinity pool hinges around the disappearing edge design. An infinity pool is really two pools. The main swimming pool and a catchment or ‘catch’ pool. The catch pool skirts the outer edge of an infinity swimming pool, below the eye line. The water from the main pool cascades over the side, down into the catch pool, thus eliminating any defining edges or borders to the visible pool. With no break in the reflection the infinity pool seemingly meets with the sky, creating an endless horizon effect.

Constructing an Infinity Swimming Pool.

Only the very best swimming pool designers should be contracted to install an infinity swimming pool. Construction of an infinity swimming pool can be quite complex. The twin pools must act harmoniously to provide the perfect panorama. If the catch pool is poorly positioned the cascade may overflow, or not be able to pump water back into the main pool adequately. The infinity swimming pool design must precisely position the infinity pool to maximise the outlook. The best swimming pool designers in Brisbane will know the local area and be able to produce the perfect infinity swimming pool.

What Makes Brisbane Such a Great Place for An Infinity Swimming Pool?

As any avid cyclist will tell you, Brisbane is a very hilly city. So you don’t have to be ridiculously wealthy to purchase property with expansive outlooks. With our outdoor life style, an infinity swimming pool would add an extraordinary aspect to your home. A simple suburban yard could be transformed into an infinity pool paradise.

Why Choose An Infinity Swimming Pool?

Those that choose to reside in Brisbane do so for the balmy weather and outdoors living. Having your view of city and sky multiplied by an infinity pool compounds a love of endless skies. Sitting outside, full table of friends and fine food on a sunny Brisbane day. As you look over your infinity pool the children splash and play in the sky, swimming amongst clouds. An infinity swimming pool multiplies what you love. That is why more people are choosing an infinity swimming pool.

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Infinity pools are also called vanishing edge, zero edge or disappearing edge pools.