When choosing a swimming pool for your suburban Brisbane home there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself prior to committing to having the swimming pool built at your property.


The main question that anyone should ask themselves is how much you are prepared to spend on a pool. Pool costs vary enormously depending on the size of the swimming pool desired, whether you want an in-ground concrete swimming pool or an above ground fiberglass pool. You may also need to factor in additional costs such as landscaping or decking once the swimming pool is installed, other contributing cost factors can include the electrical connection for the swimming pool. You will also need to examine additional costs such as covers for the swimming pool, salt chlorine generators and heating.

Ongoing maintenance.

Ongoing maintenance is essential to consider when purchasing a pool. Any pool you purchase will require maintenance to keep the surfaces free from algae and ready to swim. A concrete poo will require resurfacing every 8-15 years or so depending on how clean the pool has been kept during its life. An above ground vinyl pool will have to have the vinyl lining of the pool replaced, this may need to occur every 5-7 years, also the structure of an above ground pool will require replacement. The amount of time before a full replacement of the structure of an above ground pool may vary, but one should expect to have to replace the entire structure between 10 and 15 years of life.  Again the length of time before resurfacing or replacement will vary depending on the maintenance program for the life of the pool.

Above ground pool.

Installation of a brand new swimming pool will be the major cost that you will incur. The cheapest option for having a swimming pool installed at your Brisbane house will be an above ground vinyl lined swimming pool. These swimming pools are quick to install, can be erected with little fuss and usable very quickly after installation. There will also be a minimum of landscaping required unless you are also installing a deck to surround the pool. The relatively cheap installation cost is offset in the long run with maintenance and replacement being major cost factors over the life of the swimming pool. Other draw backs of an above ground swimming pool are that many people consider them to be unsightly and may even diminish the resale value of the home.

In-ground concrete swimming pools.

In-ground concrete swimming pools are certainly more expensive to install, be prepared to pay at least 5 times more for an in-ground swimming pool over an above ground pool. The expensive initial cost of an in-ground concrete swimming pool are offset by the longevity of the pool. Also an in-ground swimming pool is much more likely to add value to your home if you are going to sell your home. Many prospective home buyers in Brisbane look for an in-ground swimming pool to accentuate their lifestyles. One of the drawbacks of having an in-ground concrete swimming pool constructed at your suburban Brisbane home is the time taken for installation. The installation of an in-ground pool can be a lengthy process, with excavation of the hole, creating the sub-structure and pouring concrete can take some time before the swimming pool is complete and ready to use.

The time to install an in-ground concrete swimming pool can vary depending on the size of the pool and any additional structures added such as a patio, or adjoined spa. One should not expect an in ground concrete swimming pool to be constructed in any less than two months, with three months construction time being about average for a 12 metre pool.

Building a swimming pool at your home in Brisbane may be the best investment you can make in your home, and in your families leisure time. Be sure to get the best advice when constructing a swimming pool in your home by contacting us.