When constructing a concrete swimming pool in Brisbane there may some legal bylaws that must be adhered to, such as obtaining Building Approval, follow this link to article on Building Approval. [1 ] There may also be special overlays that apply to your local suburb in Brisbane which could affect the construction of an in-ground concrete swimming pool.

According to the Building Act 1975[2] Brisbane City Council defines a swimming pool [3] as any body of water deeper than 30cm and may be used for swimming, bathing or like activities, even if it is not currently being used for those activities.

There are a number of legal guidelines a professional swimming pool builder will need to follow to legally construct your concrete swimming pool in Brisbane. The best swimming pool construction companies will ensure that your new in ground swimming pool complies with all the relevant legal guidelines and bylaws governing the construction of an in-ground concrete swimming pool. That said, it is wise to have a general understanding of any zoning requirements, special overlays or local council specific neighbourhood plans that may impact the construction of your in ground concrete swimming pool. For additional information regarding a Building Application click here .

Development Applications.

Development Applications are made for the approval of a new development under the Sustainable Planning Act (2009).[4]  The good news for Brisbane residents is that swimming pool construction in Brisbane is generally free from the requirement of a development application. There may be special overlays that will affect how the pool may be built, how the swimming pool area must be fenced or where on a property the swimming pool area may be located. These guidelines specifically apply to special overlays such as Heritage Overlay or the Significant Landscape Tree Overlay. Brisbane home owners will generally be aware if their home is heritage listed, or has a significant tree on the property. It will be useful for a licensed swimming pool construction company to know prior to quoting if the property is heritage listed or contains a significant landscape tree. Should either of these overlays apply to the plans for your in-ground swimming pool then a Development Application may need to be obtained prior to the construction of your in-ground concrete swimming pool. For more assistance the Brisbane City Council offers the following resources [4] to help understand what overlays, if any, apply to your property.

Brisbane Zoning Guidelines.

Zoning requirements are unlikely to effect the construction of a swimming pool built in Brisbane as almost all swimming pool built in Brisbane are constructed in residential zones. It is unlikely and

unwise to build an in ground concrete pool in an industrial zone, not to mention illegal. If you are developing a large apartment block with an indoor heated pool and spa, then the entire project would require a development application.

Neighbourhood overlays

Every residential suburb in Brisbane has a plan outlined for the development of that local area. Each of the local suburb plans will assess a material change of use, reconfiguration, operational change or building work conducted in that locality. The plans are detailed manuals guiding the growth and development of each suburb in relation to the city in its entirety. For more information about your local suburbs neighbourhood plan click here.

Your certified swimming pool construction company will have a strong working knowledge of these plan and be able to advise you on any special conditions that a neighbourhood plan make impact on your plans to build a swimming pool. More information about custom creating a swimming pool.


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