At first, the new idea of pool is prepared with the help of industry experts. The size and shape of the pool is fixed after examining the interests of the Client.



Designing a swimming pool in Brisbane is more than just putting a hole in the ground.  It is so important to design a master plan around your swimming pool.

Designing your desires maybe the first step in achieving them. Therefore, as the first step, we encourage all our clients to get the design ready because every stakeholder will get the big picture. Normally, we use a 3-phase design process. At first, a consult is planned where a team from us consisting of designers and builders come and go through your Brisbane swimming pool landscape. During this phase, we listen to our client’s requirements and how they want their landscape and pool to look like. Once we get a feel of what they want, we share our opinions based on our expertise. Ideas are shared mutually and design ideas are finalised on site. In the second phase, draft design plans are prepared based on the consult and shared with our client. Once approval is obtained from our clients, we prepare the final construction drawing showing the location of pool, details about the landscape and planting plans


Master Plans are key to the success of the project. Pool is as beautiful as its surroundings. The landscape surrounding the pool can either uplift your mood or pull it down. Therefore, it is paramount to come up with a master plan that encompasses the entire project, not just the swimming pool.

Construction Plans

Construction Plans show every aspect of the project in detail. In these plans, the location and specification of each item are described in detail, to scale. Based on these details, our foremen implement the overall project. Therefore, it is very important to get the construction plans correct and checked before any work commences on site


Planting Plan

Planting plans show where exactly we will be planting each variety of plants, shrubs and trees. A schedule of plants is also provided where a list of plants, respective quantities and pot size are displayed. When we combine both the planting plan and the construction plan, we obtain the master plan.


Virtually see what will be built in your yard. 3D images put everything into perspective and assists you in visualisation.
3D Rendering
Walkthroughs are meant to give you a virtual tour of your post-construction landscape.
3D Walkthrough

Once pool designs are approved and before any construction can be started, the drawings must be certified by an Engineer for structural strength.

A soil expert must be called in to examine the soil composition through their soil tests. Certification and Engineering approval are very important since they will verify all the measurements and confirm the specification according to safety standards