Swimming pools in Brisbane without a planned landscape around it can be compared to an oasis in a desert where random plants and trees are allowed to grow. In order to transform the water collecting cavity to a beautiful swimming pool, the landscape plays an integral role. It is the surrounding landscape that builds up the overall ambience of the swimming pool.
Ambience of the overall pool is what attracts people to it; or else, a bathtub would have been sufficient



We are a team of landscape designers and builders dedicated to make your landscaping dreams come true.

Right from the first day, we try to understand what is best for your landscape based on your interest and ideas. We believe that going forward with a plan is the best idea. Minor strikes and corrections in a landscape design drawing sheet is much better than redoing a constructed landscape. It will save both time and money of our clients. Therefore, we first emphasise on getting the design plans ready before the pool construction begins.


We are an award-winning landscape construction firm specialising in constructing a wide range of hard landscapes with high level of perfection and innovation.


Stone tiling is meant to upgrade your backyard to a whole new level. The common options available for stone tiling are Tavertine, Slates, Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone, Marbles (indoors), Granites. We select the best pavers suitable for the landscape under consideration. Generally, we lay a concrete base before we lay the pavers. Our clients have a choice of selecting several different patterns like French Pattern, Bond pattern, Brick pattern, Modular pattern etc.Pavers come in different shapes and sizes. There are the standard size pavers from 200mm to 1000mm sides or organic steppers for getting a natural feeling on your backyard. Once paving is complete, we seal the pavers. By sealing them, we are applying a protective coating over it. The sealant will reduce maintenance and minimise damage due to daily use.When paving around swimming pools, pavers come with additional features with respect to its edges. We have options for choosing between square or bullnose pavers depending upon how curvy our clients would like the edges to be. 

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls, as the name suggests, are built to retain the soil and gardens in the area. We give a choice of three different types of retaining walls: block walls, sandstone walls and hardwood retaining walls.

Block Walls: Block Retaining walls are the standard, multi-purpose walls constructed in your yard. Some of its benefits are that it can be made into any shapes or sizes and other structures can be built over it. For example, in the case of pools, water features can be built onto retaining wall structures. Regarding the finishes, we can either finish the rendering using the traditional cement mortar wall or do natural looking stone cladding.

Sandstone Block Walls: Natural Sandstone retaining walls can be used to build both beautiful and retaining walls. Natural sandstone has its own drainage mechanism since sandstone is a porous material. It also doesn’t require concrete footings like we use for building block walls. Therefore, it is considerably cheaper than block retaining walls.

Hardwood Retaining walls: Timber retaining walls are cheap and easy to install. They are mostly used to construct short retaining walls. Treated timber retaining walls can last up to two decades and give out its natural look to its surroundings. One major disadvantage is that since timber is available only in straight pattern, it cannot be used for making curved walls. We recommend not to go over 1.2meter high when constructing hardwood retaining walls.)


Soft landscaping takes care of all the trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, turfs etc. Anything to do without construction comes under soft landscaping
Soft landscaping
Planting the right species can really improve the feel of your Brisbane swimming pool landscape.

Our team of expert architects and designers pay close attention to detail where even plants and trees are recommended based on the soil and temperature conditions.

Different locations in Brisbane have different climate and soil, and hence, plants or trees must be used accordingly. Using the right soil, mulch and fertiliser is key for having a perfect garden. The soil must be at the right pH, organic and must have sufficient manure that will assist plants and trees to grow.