The best of Brisbane can only be enjoyed if outdoor living is appreciated. Brisbane, being the capital city of the Sunshine State, Queensland, is known for its warmer climate and beautiful location. Outdoor living doesn’t mean you must spend plenty of money for it. With the right arrangement and planning, a beautiful outdoor space can be constructed. A simple turn over can be to include a few comfortable furniture in your patio. This will make you go out and get the sun more often!



Outdoor living can be made fun if some simple tweaks are done in your yard. When thinking about outdoor living, many think of moving far out and camping in scary jungles.

What if we say that, with some careful planning and investment, you could turn your yard into a perfect outdoor living space? Outdoor space can be made by first taking a little space off your yard, laying a few natural pavers and installing a designer natural feeling roof, installing some furniture, getting the barbeque and fire pit and finally, planting an amazing garden and laying turf the rest of the yard. Not too hard, isn’t it?


Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor is possible when outdoor comfort matches the indoor comfort. With careful planning, we can easily extend our Brisbane living space to your beautiful outdoor gardens.


Pergolas are structures that add appreciable value to any property and look great beside your family swimming pool. Pergolas come in different shapes and sizes. They can be made using steel, aluminium or wood. Some of the common types of pergolas are:

Steel Pergolas: Steel Pergolas can be made in required shapes without compromising on the overall strength. Roofs can be laser cut to fit a specific design pattern or be used as mere supporting structures. Steel is long lasting and very sturdy. They give a different look and feel when compared to the timber pergolas and can often be more expensive.

Flat Roofed Pergolas: Flat Roofed pergolas are usually made using timber with an adequate roof and ceiling combination.

Pitched Pergolas: Pitched Pergolas can be made using timber and has a “pitched” roof. They allow for good water run-off and looks attractive.

Sail Pergolas: Sail pergolas are simple to construct. Line up a few posts and hook and suspend the sail where sail will be the roof. Such pergolas can save money and offer a modern look, provided they are maintained properly.


Timber Outdoor

Timber can be used extensively to transform your outdoor. Hardwood timber can be used for making decks, roofs, benches, tables etc. Timber’s versatility makes it useful for any given circumstance. It also helps in increasing the naturality of our outdoors. Some common uses of timber are in:

Timber Benches: Benches of different shapes and sizes can be constructed using timber. Smooth finish or glossy finish coating can be applied. Benches could be standalone or fixed benches. Fixed benches often depend upon preconstructed block walls so that adequate strength is achieved.

Timber Roofs: Fully covered or semi covered roofs can be created using timber. The semi covered timber roof can host climbing plants to increase the overall ambience. Care must be given on the grade of timber selected since different grades offer different levels of protection.

Timber Decks: One of the best and common application of timber is for construction of timber decks. Decks can be made using rough texture timber or smooth finish (spotted gum variety). Treated timber can give good protection against severe decay, termites and bugs. For long lasting timber decks, we recommend using good quality treated timber


In is essential in Brisbane’s hot summer to have somewhere outdoors to sit.
Sitting Areas
It is beautiful to enjoy Brisbane’s outdoor during winter warmed by the flames of a fire pit.
Fire Pit

Outdoor living can be highly beneficial to body and soul.

With a little planning and investment, your yard can be transformed to match your desires. Beautiful outdoors even encourages children to spend more time outside and get more sun. It can be your personal meditation space, exercise area, peace time area, theatre arena (not very loud!) and anything creatively imaginable.