Project Description

Pools are all about the space surrounding the pool. Designing a pool is easy, it is how you make that space feel. Is it private enough? Does it feel like you’re in your own world with no neighbours? Is there entertaining areas? The right balance of materials. This project in Hawthorne has ticked all these boxes.  

This pool is surrounding with the right balance of travertine stone around the pool and the use of 90 by 68mm spotted gum timber used on a vertical for the pool house. The Corten laser cut roof add another element of steel. The planting plant we used around this pool is a mixer of contemporary and native planting. That brings life, sounds birds, privacy, and I feeling that only plants can provide. A well design water feature also brings the sound element with creating the beautiful motion of moving water. The last element was the clever design of lighting to highlight not only the pool but the pool house, feature trees and Urns. We have created the right mood here, now it’s your turn to imagine your dream. What would you create?